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Op.Dr.Mustafa Bağlı

I was born on March 7, 1987 in Halfeti, Şanlıurfa. After completing my primary education in different schools, I graduated from Gaziantep Science High School. After graduating from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 2011, I started my specialty training at the Ear Nose and Throat Clinic of Istanbul Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital.

emlak sayfamemlak sayfam
09:54 22 Jan 24
I'm glad I came across my doctor Mustafa. He kept me informed about everything during the first check-up period and gave me confidence and I left the place I was afraid of with great excitement. My surgery went very well and I was very pleased. Thank you to my doctor, he performed such a natural surgical intervention. I recommend him to my circle of friends. I congratulate them and thank them once again for their interest and concern. You are great, Sir.
Наталья С.Наталья С.
12:36 13 Jan 23
İkbal Temizİkbal Temiz
11:45 11 Jan 23
Melina GürelerMelina Güreler
00:52 11 Jan 23
Endless thanks to the experience of Dr. Mustafa and the attention of his assistant, Ms. Melike. It has been 7 months since the surgery and I am in constant communication with them. My satisfaction cannot be expressed in words. I definitely recommend them. During these 7 months, many of my relatives had surgery performed by Mr. Mustafa and it proved to be the right choice each time. I'm glad you were included in our lives. Thanks to you, I realized that my fears were unfounded. I have a healthy and beautiful looking nose and I can say that my life has changed. Endless thanks...
Melike GönülaçarMelike Gönülaçar
00:16 11 Jan 23
Natalia CoachNatalia Coach
11:02 25 Nov 22
Mehmet Umut ArslanMehmet Umut Arslan
13:25 30 Sep 22
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Frequently asked Questions

What is the best country for rhinoplasty?2024-03-20T14:58:50+00:00

The best country for rhinoplasty depends on several factors, including the expertise of surgeons, the quality of healthcare facilities, and affordability. Turkey is renowned for its advanced medical care, highly skilled rhinoplasty surgeons, and competitive pricing, making it a popular choice for patients worldwide. In the rhinoplasty community, Istanbul is renowned as “the capital of rhinoplasty” for a well-deserved reason.

How much does rhinoplasty cost in Turkey?2024-03-20T14:59:23+00:00

The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey can vary based on the complexity of the procedure, the experience of the surgeon, and the facility where the surgery is performed. Since healthcare and other facilities are less expensive compared to Western countries, we can confidently say that Turkey is a more affordable alternative for cosmetic surgeries, while maintaining the same quality standards.

Who is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey?2024-03-20T14:59:44+00:00

As a dedicated rhinoplasty surgeon practicing in Turkey, I am committed to providing exceptional care and achieving outstanding outcomes for my patients. My approach combines meticulous technique with a deep understanding of both the aesthetic and functional aspects of rhinoplasty. With board certifications, extensive experience, and a portfolio showcasing successful results, I strive to meet the unique needs and goals of each patient. I am proud to be recognized among the top professionals in my field, both in Turkey and internationally. Choosing the right surgeon is a crucial step in your rhinoplasty journey, and I believe that my commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction sets me apart. I invite you to review patient testimonials and before-and-after galleries to better understand the quality of care and results you can expect.

Is Turkey good for rhinoplasty?2024-03-20T15:00:03+00:00

Yes, Turkey is an excellent destination for rhinoplasty due to its world-class medical facilities, advanced surgical techniques, and experienced surgeons. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness combined with the opportunity to recover in a culturally rich and beautiful setting makes Turkey an attractive option for international patients.

How old do you have to be to get a nose job in Turkey?2024-03-20T15:00:52+00:00

The minimum age for rhinoplasty in Turkey is typically 18 years old for both males and females, ensuring that the nasal structure has fully developed. Exceptions may be made for functional surgeries or under specific circumstances, which should be discussed with a qualified surgeon.

Which clinic will they operate on me?2024-03-20T15:01:16+00:00

Patients will be operated on in accredited and well-equipped medical facilities that meet strict safety and quality standards. It’s important to choose a clinic that has a strong track record of successful surgeries and positive patient testimonials.

Which rhinoplasty technique do you use and why?2024-03-20T15:01:38+00:00

In my practice, I prioritize the use of the piezo rhinoplasty technique for its precision and reduced recovery time. Unlike traditional methods that may involve more invasive bone handling, piezo rhinoplasty uses ultrasonic energy to sculpt the nasal bones delicately. This approach minimizes bruising and swelling, allowing for a more comfortable post-operative experience and precise outcomes. My choice of technique is based on achieving the best possible results for my patients, tailored to their specific goals and anatomical considerations.

When can I breathe easily after rhinoplasty?2024-03-20T15:02:08+00:00

Most patients start to notice significant improvements in breathing within a few weeks after the surgery, once the swelling has subsided. Full recovery and optimal breathing capacity are typically achieved within 3 to 6 months.

What’s the minimum and maximum age for a rhinoplasty?2024-03-20T15:02:32+00:00

While the minimum recommended age is 18, there is no strict maximum age for rhinoplasty. However, patients should be in good general health. A thorough evaluation by your surgeon will determine your eligibility for the surgery based on your health status and goals.

Which rhinoplasty technique do you use and why?2024-03-20T15:02:54+00:00

The choice between open and closed rhinoplasty techniques depends on the specific needs and goals of the patient. Open rhinoplasty provides more visibility and access for complex changes, while closed rhinoplasty offers quicker recovery times for simpler adjustments. Your surgeon will recommend the best approach for your unique case.

How many days do patients stay at the hospital after the surgery?2024-03-20T15:03:19+00:00

In my practice I perform rhinoplasty under general anesthesia.Even if post operative patient comfort is high I ask my patients stay at hospital for one night for better post operative care.

Do you use nasal packing (splints) after the surgery? How long do they stay in?2024-03-20T15:03:47+00:00

Yes, I use nasal packing or splints after surgery, which play a crucial role in supporting the new shape of the nose, minimizing internal swellings, and preventing bleeding. Specifically, I opt for small-sized silicone splints. I prefer these because they significantly cause less discomfort, and are more comfortable when being removed.

How many follow-ups do patients have after the surgery?2024-03-20T15:04:10+00:00

The number of follow-up visits varies, but patients usually have 2-4 post-operative appointments within the first year after rhinoplasty to monitor their healing and results.Since with international patients face to face follow ups are not all the possible we may set online follow up consultations.

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