Immediately after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure also known as rhinoplasty. This surgery is performed to correct the shape and structure of the nose, improve the aesthetic appearance or increase breathing. However, the recovery process after rhinoplasty surgery is important. In this article, we will examine the points you should consider in the first days after Izmir rhinoplasty surgery.


Immediately after Izmir rhinoplasty surgery, it is important to clean the nose area and follow the bandages as recommended by your doctor. By following postoperative care instructions, you can speed up the healing process and prevent possible complications.

You should talk to your doctor about when the bandages and nasal plugs will be removed and follow this process carefully. Additionally, you should seek professional help immediately in case of any pain or discomfort.


Resting in the first days after surgery is critical to your recovery process. Getting bed rest can help your body direct more blood flow to the surgery area and speed healing. Sleeping in positions recommended by your doctor can help reduce swelling and bruising.


Taking medications prescribed by your doctor regularly is an important way to control post-operative pain and reduce inflammation. You can have a comfortable recovery process by using your medications at the specified dosage and frequency.


Is post-operative pain normal?
Yes, some pain is usually normal after surgery. However, you can keep this situation under control by regularly using painkillers recommended by your doctor.
How much rest should I rest in the first days?
You should take bed rest if possible in the first days. Rest helps your body focus on the healing process.
How should nose care be done after surgery?
You should clean the nasal area and follow the bandages as recommended by your doctor. You should talk to your doctor about when the nasal plugs should be removed.
Why is it important to use medications regularly?
Using medications regularly helps reduce inflammation as well as keeping pain under control. You should use your medications as recommended by your doctor.
What symptoms are normal after surgery?
Mild swelling, bruising and mild pain are normal symptoms after surgery. However, in case of extreme pain, severe bleeding or other symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately.