What is Upper Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid Aesthetics) Surgery?

Our eyes are our windows that open to the outside world. In addition to being our channels for perceiving the outside world, our eyes are also the windows that enable us to communicate with other people.

In addition to their visual function, our eyes are also the points on our face that the other party focuses on in bilateral communication, and they are extremely important structures in terms of aesthetics.

As we get older, there are some changes in the whole body and face, and the areas where these changes are most visible are around the eyes. Especially the sagging seen in the upper eyelid; It can cause an old, tired and sad appearance. The upper eyelid aesthetics I use to solve this problem rejuvenates the person and also provides a more dynamic facial expression.

Who Can Have Upper Eyelid Aesthetics?

Sagging eyelid: It is the process of correcting upper eyelid problems that develop due to factors such as aging and genetics. The procedure can only be performed for aesthetic purposes.

Xanthelasma: The formation of a white colored lesion on the upper eyelid due to cholesterol unit is called xanthelasma. Although these lesions are benign lesions, they can be aesthetically disturbing, in which case these lesions can be removed with upper eyelid aesthetics.

Vision Limitation: Upper eyelid drooping, which occurs with aging, causes the area of vision that the person can see with eye movements to become smaller, which we call the visual field. Especially when looking up and in more advanced cases, when looking forward, the patient’s field of vision narrows. In this case, while the person’s visual field is corrected with upper eyelid aesthetics, the person becomes more youthful, dynamic. and a vivid expression is achieved.

  • Treatment Duration: 7 Days

  • Stay in Hospital: 1 Day

  • Operation: 2-4 Hours

  • Back to Work : 1-2 Weeks


How is Upper Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Upper eyelid surgery is a procedure usually performed under local anesthesia. It is a procedure performed in the operating room or office and the average procedure time is around 45 minutes. The procedure can be performed alone or with other facial aesthetic surgeries such as lower eyelid aesthetics, face lift surgeries and rhinoplasty.

The procedure is performed through an incision in the naturally occurring fold of our upper eyelid, and excess skin and, if necessary, sagging fatty tissue are removed. In cases where there is excessive sagging in the subcutaneous tissues, these tissues are detected by the overlying bone file.


Recovery After Upper Eyelid Surgery

After the surgery, the patient has stitches on the upper eyelid and a dressing covering these stitches. The dressing does not prevent the person from seeing and patients can return to their daily lives after 4-6 days of the procedure. After a week, the patient’s stitches are removed and the wound heals completely in approximately 2 months.


What are the Possible Risks and Complications After Upper Eyelid Surgery?

After upper eyelid surgery, complications such as infection, bleeding, and hematoma (collection of blood in the tissue) occur at the wound site. One of the most common complications specific to the procedure is the condition called lagophthalmos, which develops due to the removal of excess tissue from the upper eyelid. Lagophthalmia is a completely preventable condition by carefully measuring the skin that needs to be removed and preserving the muscle structure under the skin.

As a result, upper eyelid surgery is an aesthetic procedure that provides a more vibrant, energetic and dynamic appearance, performed for reasons such as correcting sagging of the eyelid due to aging or genetic reasons, removing lesions caused by cholesterol accumulation called xanthelasma in the upper eyelid, and narrowing the visual field. .

Upper blepharoplasty surgery; It has become extremely popular in recent years because it is a short procedure, can be performed with local anesthesia, does not require hospitalization, and provides a major change. If you want to get rid of the sagging of your upper eyelid and have a younger, livelier and more energetic appearance, upper blepharoplasty is a suitable option for you. it could be.